Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruisin through Providence!

Hello from Providence! I am staying in the Hotel Providence in downtown and lovin' the surroundings! I cruised through the area yesterday and took a ton of pics...basically anything I found interesting. So many cool things to notice in a city I haven't been in for over 10 years!

Here are some lovely vegetables that were at the Farmer's Market...I wished I had a stove so I could take some home with me!

I love childrens' artwork - especially as it relates to the freedom of expression on issues that can sometimes be tough to deal with. In downtown, near the park/train station, there is a beautiful wall of hope, in response to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack. The tiles are breathtaking! Here are a few...
aren't they beautiful?

One thing I have loved about all of New England is the support of our troops! This is a display in a used bookstore by my hotel. Since I have several family members and dear ones serving overseas right now, this display was especically touching.

This was another display in the same window.

Since I operate my adventures based on landmarks, this clock has been an absolute lifesaver! Isn't it rockin'?

Here I am in a store window - I thought this was pretty clever!

More sites of prov...

I found this tile in an obscure place, on the leg of a short bench, near a large church/cathedral near Johnson Wales University. If you can't read it, it says, "Disobedience Starts Diaglogue".

This was a run down fountain near the church..."Foundtain of Life - a memorial to the unknown child." It was a beautiful design, but I was disappointed to see it in such disrepair!

The brick pattern was very interresting - I made it my first 'foot shot' of the adventure.

This is the church where the tile and the fountain were located.

cool bridge!

So I finally found a street cap worthy of my second 'foot shot'.

I found a mural, one of my fav things to find in a city, and had to take some pics of it. As you can see, it demonstrates varying 'times' of the city, by showing the subjects in different states of dress and stature.

Next part of the mural... - this is only 1/2 a building! you can see the light from the sunset and other buildings  - right through the building and the scaffolding!

Foot Shot #3

Can you see the three different buildings? I love reflections! So cool!

next to the Canal, there was a gazebo with some truly beautiful pillars. Each tile had been made by a student of a school...I believe from reading on them that they were all made by individuals with disabilities.


A very busy bee....

The first Baptist Church in US - founded by Roger Williams in 1600's.

Apparently fire and brimstone still exist today....!!!!
Another tile...near the Canal. It reads "Psychohopeographers For Change."

This locksmith had a serious lock display in his window! I wish the shop had been open, I would have purchased one from him to take home! There was quite the collection of skeleton keys in the locks!

Isn't it a bit early for leaves to change...?

This was the coolest thing i found in Prov - a dancce group practicing in a plaza. I took video of one of the dances and will try to upload it as well.

Part of Civil War Monument near the train station on my way back to the hotel. Isn't she regal?

More from the monument.

Signage for the Queen of Hearts boutique shop.

Queen of hearts? Like the reflection?

Another fun pic!

Totally diggin' providencec!

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