Thursday, January 20, 2011

For E.A.T.

Celebrate the Joy of a Life Well Lived
first written 10/01/2004 - KDD

What words can explain, the joy of a life well lived
and what sentiments could ever express
the beauty of that person -
who truly lived to give?
No mountain peak, nor soaring dove -
could mirror the freedom that a heart feels
when its beat was only with that of love.
no amount of wild poppies
or sunbaked, desert sands
could stand the tests of time like a set of charitable hands
no amount of tears today, nor in years to come
could bring this heaven bound soul
to its earthly home.
"dry those eyes" the mountains say
and live YOUR best life and choose instead
to follow this same path or love and service
Choose instead to seize the moment and to seize the day.

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