Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Joey's Homecoming and G-Ma's 69th Birthday

My cousin Joey is home on leave for a month. He was just in S. Korea and will be stationed at Ft. Bliss. We took the opportunity to host a mini-family reunion in Utah and family came in from all over the west! Here are a few pictures of our adventures together - I am leaving out the incriminating ones! So proud of you Joey and so glad you're home safe! Also, a HUGE HUGE Happy 69th Birthday to Grandma Carolyn!

 Annie and I hamming it up on Saturday...
 With my mom - the weather was so nice that we visited outside.
 Mischa was in heaven with cousin Makenzie to play with.
 Annie, Mom and me
 "Home on Leave" - perfect photo of an old mustang and his army gear.
 Erica, Keith and Joey
 All Smiles for the G-Ma B-Day Girl!
 Keith, John, Brenda, Jaymee and Joey
 Mischa and Makenzie
 Keith, Me, Joey and Jaymee - they don't look happy about this photo op!
 Grandma Carolyn cutting her birthday cake.
 Stopping for a bit of rainbow sherbet...
 Me and Mischa
 Me, Grandpa El, Grandma Carolyn, Annie and Makenzie
 Mischa opening her Christmas and Birthday presents at the hotel
 The G-Parents with the Great Grand Kids
 Jayme, Me and Makenzie
 If anyone can pull off a sour face, it's my grandma - love it!
 Makenzie with Grandpa El
Can anyone say, OXYMORON? A tough biker dude with a fluffy poodle - that has pink bows! WOW! Way to go Uncle Mike!

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