Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zion Weekend Adventure

 When we arrived on Saturday, the kiddos wanted to play in the river. The weather was awesome and so we let them - soon they were completely soaked, but toally loving every minute of it!

If the true test of a relationship isn't a vacation, it is certainly a road trip with (2) 4 year olds and a 5 year old...not only did we survive the chaos of mealtimes, hiking on icy paths and the chaos of bedtime, but we had a great time. Here's to future adventures!

 On Sunday, we did the Emeral Pools hike and had a great time hiking together.

 We did some off trail adventuring...
 Here we are at the water fall - there was a lot of ice as you can see - but it was still beautiful!
Ryan and the kids survived me and my high strung self...thank goodness for their patience!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Nice! It looks like a TON of fun! I love Zion. It's such a beautiful place

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