Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Is What I Do...

So, what is it that I do all day? I get paid to solve problems that is. Not a bad gig, huh? Well, technically, I get paid to do Specification Sales. This means it is my job to work with architects, engineers, designers and lighting designers to share information about lighting technology and products, with the intention of having my company's product on the final fixture schedule for the building plans. While the construction market is slow, I am having many opportunities to create a bit of a niche for myself as a solutions person for the fixtures and projects that are starting to age (and in some cases stop working) from that very boom that built Vegas to the megacity it is today. Some days are tough. There are some serious dirt bags out there in my business. But I've definitely grown a thicker skin in the last year or so, and can take the good with the bad. That is, until someone steals a job from me that I've worked on very hard. So far, I've had the opportunity to work intimately on the lighting layout/design of a Baptist church and some other small, design/build projects and remodels. This week has been all about chasing work and creating solutions.

I am super excited about a solution that I worked out today to be specific. I got a call about two weeks ago from an architect who had a client that decided he wanted to replace some track lighting in his office and that she'd have him get in touch with me directly. So this week, I finally got the call and started working on a solution. While I would havel oved to sell him three new track lights, I didn't really think that the fixtures were the problem. So we went on a bit of a Q&A or solution treasure hunt if you will. Final solultion: replace the current lamp (made in China by a low-end manufacturer who shall remain nameless) with a Philips Halogen Energy Advantage IR Lamp in a 36° Flood. The new lamp provides nearly the same amount of lumens, or light, but because the beam spread is more concentrated, and managed by a reflector system, there is actually more light on the work surface than with the current 50 Watt lamp. Not only is the Philips lamp providing the same amount of light, it is saving him 15 Watts of energy per light; a total of 45 Watts! This new lamp will save the maintenance guy twice as many trips to purchase lamps, because it lasts more than twice as long! To say the least, I saved the customer about $500 in fixture costs with a $7.50 lamp!

Not all days are as exciting as today, when I get to meet with several clients, come up with solutions and connect with them in a great way, but for the most part, I am definitely enjoying what I do all day. I never thought I'd be selling lights in a million years. But what I am pleased with is that I am creating solutions and helping people - plus, I get nights and weekends off to enjoy time with the ones I love. Very cool, indeed!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

I'm glad you're generally enjoying it :) It's always nice to have those good days at work :)

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