Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mischa's Graduation Celebration

My little angel is growing up! She graduated from her class on Tuesday and is on to Pre-K(2). The celebration was heartwarming - with the graduates entering to pomp and circumstance with their little hats on their heads. Mikaela came in last, carrying the American Flag. She stood on the platform and held it for the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they all sang songs - and she can seriously carry a tune! She did a great job with all of the songs and knew the words. The school put together a great slideshow of photos from the year to music....which made me cry! Her teachers and the staff are awesome - and I am really glad that they have been there to help her learn and grow. They have a saying at Mikaela's school about 'bubbles in our mouths' to keep the kids from talking. She takes the expression very seriously, as you can see by this photo of the group entering the room for the celebration.

 Despite our differences, I think we've done a good job of raising Mikaela so far. I am really glad that our focus has been on doing what is best for our daughter.
 Mikaela has become quite the little daddy's girl lately...
 She is so amazing - I am so proud to be her mom! I love love love her so much!

 Here are the graduates with their diplomas...

My heart was full of pride watching my little girl up there, singing with her friends, clearly a leader and a very special person to the people she goes to school with every day.

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

They grow up SO fast.... That's awesome you guys had such a great day :) Congrats, Mischa!

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