Wednesday, September 7, 2011

KAYLA'S TOP 30 before I turn 30 - Celebrate Chicago

Today would normally be Tuesday's post - so I am yet another day behind - but today is day #11 in my Top 30 before I turn 30 countdown of my top 30 memories from the last 30 years.

So here's to Chicago...I've only been there once, for a quick weekend trip some April a few years ago, but it was beautiful! All of the Tulips on Miracle Mile were blooming and everyone in the city center was out and about. I must have walked 20 miles around that city. It was the same weekend that the Freedom of Speech museum opened, which I toured and loved. I ate in Little Italy - super awesome - and enjoyed some serious shopping and picture taking. Here's to a beautiful city - and to a serious turning point in my life.

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