Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Little Prayer

After a long day of work and then my monthly Civitan meeting I came home to a sleeping baby. She was already snoozing away when I get home tonight and after the nanny had gone and I had settled in, I peaked in on her and thought to myself a little prayer - especially for her - because she is a little girl who will someday be a woman...who will someday face the same trials and tribulations that my mother experienced and I am experiencing today...I said, Please God, watch over her, help her to grow big and strong (and then of course I edited the big part to be petite, because I think God knows that being big is in and of itself a trial)...Please God, keep her safe, help her to be smarth, youthful all her days and positive in every way - please God, help per to be herself. That is my prayer tonight - that she will know one thing for sure - and that is who she is and what she stands for.

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Evan and Kinsey Zinser said...

Thinking about our kids having to grow up in the world today makes me a little nervous, but then I remember that they were chosen to come at this time and won't be given anything that they can't handle. Makes me realize how much stronger they are than me.

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