Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not so Halloween...and how do they do it?

The nanny had a fun little get together for Mischa and all of her playmates and their parents from the park on Friday. I had to work, but snuck away to see her in her costume - but she wasn't wearing it. She had a ton of fun with her little friends and we are still picking up pieces of orange play dough out of the carpet.

I've been checking out all of the adorable photos of my friends' kids in Halloween costumes. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous. My little one threw an absolute fit when I tried to get her to wear the costume I made her (Lady Bug - and I was proud because I actually made it) so I got another costume from the thrift store, the scare crow from the Wizard of Oz and of course, she wouldn't wear that either. I am beginning to think she is more like her father than we originally thought. We didn't do trick-or-treating (no costume, no candy) but went over to Steve and Jodi's for their huge Pirate Haunted House. It was a HUGE production with close to 20 volunteers running it. They have a huge pirate ship already in their backyard with a pool and even a cannon! AMAZING! But we didn't stay long and came back home. Another not so halloween at our house...

Saturday was busy but uneventful. Mike had a DJ gig at Dillards, so Mischa and I did the grocery shopping, etc. When he got home, I ducked out of the house for some mommy time....missing the old days of being independent I guess. I went and got a mani/pedi and walked around Marshalls for a couple of hours. It was just like the old days. I was feeling rather refreshed until we went to put her down for bed. She managed to get a cold and was congested and feverish. I spent the whole night dozing on the floor of her bedroom and drowsily rocking her in the rocking chair. I kept telling myself that mommy alone time is never worth the price I pay afterward.

Mike took her this morning and let me sleep a few more hours. It was nice but the bags under my eyes have become permanent fixtures on my face. I look at other moms with two or three or even six kids and I wonder to myself, HOW DO THEY DO IT?


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Oh Kayla, you are a Super Mom too! That is good mommy devotion to be sleeping on her floor and rocking her all night! You are amazing

Aaron and Angela said...

I don't even remember what mommy alone time is. I hate when they are sick and you don't get any sleep because you are worried all night and then daddy is in the next room zonked out.

Sadie said...

Don't worry about the costume thing. It's super common for kids that age not to want to wear a costume. I remember when all 3 of my kids were around her age and they refused. They just don't get it yet. But just wait till next year. She'll be loving it!!
Oh, and mommy alone time is ALWAYS worth it. We all need a break now and again! Hope she feels better soon.

Evan and Kinsey Zinser said...

I wonder how moms like you do it working and still spending all that time with your little one. I barely get anything done being at home all day. You should still put a picture of the costume on here even if she's not in it. I bet it's super cute.

Kristi said...

Hey Kayla, it's Kristi Hatch aka peanut butter. i don't know if you still remember our stupid little analogy. Anyhow I found your blog through Shari's and I am so glad because I have been wondering what you've been up to. You should check out my blog it is

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