Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mischa the Zoo Keeper

Our little Mischa Bug has turned into quite the little zoo keeper! She was once obsessed with a single stuffed bear, named 'Baby' and of course, Baby goes everywhere with us. Sometimes she tries to take the poor thing into bath time with her. About two weeks ago, she added a stuffed bunny, which she calls bunny and pronounces 'money' oddly enough...to the little menagerie....in the last week, she's also added a past favorite, a pink monkey, a little chick (complete with funny yellow down) which she lovingly refers to as tit-tee (no, not the dirty one) and today alone, has added baby, baby, which is a little rabbit the size of her hand and a grey elephant. All of these animals, or Mischa's zoo, are tucked into bed with her tonight. During bedtime reading, every single one of these little creatures must be wrapped up in her arms or propped somewhere on us as we read in the rocking chair. I love that she loves animals. She absolutley loves kitties and puppies, not to mention other animals, like birds. Maybe she'll grow up to be a vet or a zoologist or marine biologist...or someone even more famous like Jane Goodall! (Laugh) A mom can only hope, right?


Aaron and Angela said...

Ben and Jacob are the same way. Ben has "pup" that he has carried around and slept with since he was 11 months old. And Jacob has "Bear" and "Puppa" which he will not even get in his crib without. Kids are great, aren't they?!

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

So cute!!! Weren't you a huge fan of animals also? Runs in the family, huh? She is adorable!

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