Saturday, December 20, 2008

Goings on at the Brown-Cestero House

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted to this blog! So much has happened!
Let's see...Mischa has started saying sentences..."Mommy, I do it!" and "I like juice" and has been working on her counting and colors. She is such a joy and such a good little girl! Although, she wouldn't be my daughter without a few moments of absolute bratty brat brat, but everyone has that, right?
Santa was not a hit with her this year. As soon as her diapered bottom hit his velvet covered knee, she was bringing down the roof! I hear that's normal and can't wait until she sees the tree on Christmas morning! She is a little too young to get the full meaning of Christmas, but she will enjoy the time with the family and of course her new toys!
Work has been hectic! My goal was to open 15 of my own new High School Chapters and then we also wanted to bring on a new High School Program manager to open 15 more. So far this past week I've added two chapters and lost one...which puts me at 6 HS Chapters and 1 College Chapter. I was promoted earlier this month to Deputy Director of Programs, so I am really feeling the pressure to perform and finish opening my chapters before I can pass them on to a new hire. The friendship matches are so much fun! On Friday, students from UNLV finally met their buddies and students from The Meadows also got to meet buddies at ATTC. It's so cool to see these kids meet and start developing friendships!
Gram has been in the hospital since just after Thanksgiving. We thought we were going to lose her for awhile and I spent a lot of time at the hospital those first few days. She is doing better now, altough the road will be long and sad as the time passes. She has Parkinson's among many other ailements and has refused to enter any type of assisted living environment. She tried it for one night (last night) after being released from the hospital and the place was an absolute DUMP! Don't allow your loved ones to be sent to Home Sweet Home LLC on 2615 Lindell Road. The place stinks, there is dirt all over the place and the tiny rooms have two people to each one with nothing but beds, a dresser and a TV. The staff, while they might try to be nice, can't understand or speak English, so they got her medication all messed up and I spent the rest of today calling the pharmacist and meeting with the charge nurse at the hospital to figure out what is going on with her 13 medications! Yes, 13!!!! I can't believe these places are allowed to operate and take care of our loved ones! I told the lady so as I packed grams stuff out the door and to the car. I don't feel one ounce of guilt for not paying the bill and I am going to do my best to get them shut down. I wish I would have been there when she was released from the hospital and discharged to the facility....but the healthcare system stinks and having to work has been hard while trying to be there for her. Anyway, she is back home and we are working on getting her into a set regimen of taking her medication in the proper dosage and on time, with good nutrition and exercise.
Mike has been working very hard, but the economy has taken its toll on his company. He is finishing a few jobs that he has started and we will file the final paperwork to close it after the first of the year. My heart is sad for him because it really has been a love and a passion for him and I wish that times were better. I am hoping that he gets a job (offer) soon and is able to start enjoying time with us and his hobbies again. The stress has been immense and we have struggled through and are glad that we still have a roof over our heads and food in the cabinets.
My prayers also extend out to Charley, Keely and Bronte and their little family this season....and it's wierd to say that because I should be more like Lexy and actually get down on my knees to pray like I used to...but I think I am afraid the house might burn down! LOL! But I do love those little triplets and I know that there is a greater reason for their struggles and a lesson for all of us.
Can't wait for the new year! I am looking forward to a new beginning for all of us!

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Sadie said...

It's always great to hear what you've been up to Kayla. Sorry about your grams, but it's great that you are there to take care of her. Little Mischa sounds adorable. I love that stage where they start talking!!

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