Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So, I've never been unemployed before. It's so strange! While I have been freaking out on the inside, I am certainly in-action on the outside! For each bad thing that has happened over the last year, something good has taken its place and I believe that this is just one of those times. So, instead of complaining about not knowing what's next in my life, as a single mom with many obligations, I am going to count my blessings as a result of being laid off:

* More time with the mischa bug and less stress in the evenings. It's amazing how good I feel about not getting 50 emails a day and getting calls till late hours of the night. I loved my job, but I love my daughter more. Thanks for this bit of extra time with her. I pray/send good energy into the cosmos that I can continue to find the right words to explain this situation to the Buddies who are going to be the most affected by this change.

* I found out that the friends I haven't had a lot of time to spend with, as a result of the crazy hours I worked, are still awesome people. Thanks guys for all of the wonderful support and caring! Thanks for the shoulders to cry on, the pizza (and for letting me order it without cheese) the phone calls, the texts and the hugs!

* I found out who the real friends are.

* After the anger passed, I got to be accountable. That's the best kind of feeling.

* Even though I drive him crazy (and not in a good way) Mike has been so supportive! Despite our situation, he has been an amazing friend through all of this!

* I had time to shampoo the carpets, clean the house and organize just about every closet in the house. pretty awesome!

* I was finally forced to get my home PC set-up for the internet so I can complete job applications. Thank goodness that I had it - thank you to Mike for giving it to me when I left.

* I finallly found my name tag. Yep, missing for 6 months and I found it the afternoon after I got laid off. I think it will make a perfect addition to the scrapbook.

*I found my golf glove! As a result of all of the things I had to move out of my office, I cleaned out my garage and what should I find but my trusty golf glove. I have a feeling it will be put to work very soon.

* I found my batting gloves! Rock on - they've been missing for awhile now. Can't wait to hit the batting cages!

* I have slept very well ever since. No more nightmares about work or dreaming about Leadership Conference logistics for months before it happens!

* When my car started rattling on Saturday, a friend fixed it for free. The rattling was just there to let me know that the exhaust sytem needed work, but not as bad as the CV joint boot that needs to be replaced. So cool that my uncle is offering to fix it for free! Saving over $100 in labor fees!

* My creative juices are at work! I am repurposing things at my house like crazy! It's awesome and so fun!

* I can breathe without my chest feeling tight.

* The migraines are gone - at least for now. So glad that those cute little migraine pills will hopefully not be needed as they are $20 each when the insurance runs out.

* So grateful to still have insurance for a bit.

*So grateful for awesome, classy and friendly dentists. Thanks to Dr. Garhardt, I got my teeth cleaned and a  cavity filled today. I havent had time to go to the dentist in over  a year. So great to have time to take care of things and to be in the presence of positive and respectful staff! They were awesome!

* I rented a movie on Saturday night - and enjoyed it. It's nice to laugh!

* I have learned so much - and I will definitely listen to my gut about people more in the future. If something smells fishy, that's because it is. If someone seems shady...well, you get it.

* Despite not going to work in the morning, I have enjoyed my time to reflect on my basic principals and what I want out of life. A dear one to me was just shipped off to Iraq - again. It's nice to be able to appreciate the memories of times past and have time to have those memories!

* Last but not least, I am grateful that I have another possible job on the line....I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's the right thing to do and it's going to work out!

A reason, a season or a final thanks to Lou for dinner and for reminding me of this great quote!


Sadie said...

Kayla, I didn't know you were laid off. I'm glad you've had a little bit of time to enjoy yourself and relax. You always stress too much and work too hard!! My mom always says, "When God closes a door, he always opens a window." Go find your window! ;) Miss you, love you

Kinsey said...

I didn't know either. If there is anything I can do for you let me know. I wish I lived closer and could give you a huge hug. You are one of the hardest working people I know. As things happen to me in my life I am realizing more and more that everything happens for a reason. Something else is always waiting just around the corner. Just remember that Someone upstairs always knows what is best for you and is always looking out for you.

P.S. Maybe with all that free time a vacation to Reno is in store! Hehehe

Kristi said...

Hello Ms.Prime Rib,
Sorry to hear about the lay off. I am sure the next chapter in store for you will be just as awesome as you are. Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you.

Love ya,
Peanut Butter

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