Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Even though it's a day late, I must say that I was blessed with a great dad and some really great memories.

While I am often too much like my father (and sometimes not in a good way) I wouldn't be who I am today without I wanted to make a list of all of the cool things I learned from him and some of my favorite memories:

- Some of the best cowboys aren't cowboys at all...ok, so my dad isn't garth brooks, but he definitely taught me to be self reliant and resilient. Thanks dad!

- He taught me how to fish, hunt and trap - how to live by the work of my own two hands. Some of my favorite memories are of fishing with him (like the time we went ice fishing and we had to cut through the ice with an axe!) and of deer hunting in the ruby mountains. we hiked like mountain goats, before dawn and didn't shoot a single thing! some seriously good times and some seriously beautiful terrain! I love that I know how to use a gun, fish like a champ and know just enough about tracking to keep me out of trouble!

- my dad taught me to use what I have available - the only man I know who has money in the bank and uses duct tape on his cowboy boots until its absolutely impossible to function in them.

- my dad passed on his incredible pain tolerance. I remember he showed up to our team shoe fitting for basketball my junior year, after he made a trip to the clinic to get his arm patched up. A grinder had kicked back and nearly cut all of the tendons in his arm - not one single pain pill and he was there to support me.

- my dad taught me to be the best and if I can't be the best, to work the hardest and the longest!

- my dad taught me that being able to look myself in the mirror is THE most important accomplishment in life.

- he took the time to explain things in laymens terms - like welding and the difference between gas and diesel engines.

- he couldn't help me with my algebra homework, but he was a geometry wiz! He built all of his shops and home additions from plans made in his head! I learned how to pour cement, swing a hammer, dig a ditch (or a 1,000 post holes), brand cattle, vaccinate calves, plant a garden, ride a horse, milk a cow, skip rocks, work like a dog and act like a lady.

- thanks to my dad, I made it through some seriously grave times in my life. I owe him more than money - his debt I can never repay. Thanks for making me tough, thoughtful, independent, creative and an ethical hardworker.

I am honored to be a Davis girl. Thanks, dad!

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