Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Goings On...

 Mischa opened her gifts on Thursday night. She walked in from daycare and saw the bike and the Belle doll first...she was totally in love!
 Then I had her try on the helmet with the bike...
 And then it was time for presents. Connie and my dad sent her pajamas and a gift card.
 She loved the fairy skirt! As soon as she pulled it out of the bag...she ran upstairs and put it on over her leotard. She wore it for the rest of the night.
 When she came back downstairs, she was all smiles in her new skirt!
 Nana sent her Sugar Bunnies ballet set which she carried around with her all day on Friday.
 Showing off a ballet move...
 Mike got us free tickets to see The Nutcracker at Paris on Christmas Eve. She had a great time, but only made it through Act I...and she slept for the last 10 minutes of it on my lap. She loves to watch the ballet dancers. She is constantly walking around on the balls of her feet and her tippy-toes. I hope that she continues to enjoy dancing as she grows older. Since we had an opportunity to see parts of The Nutcracker this year and last (by two different ballet companies with two very different choreography styles), I hope that she also sees that its OK to interpret stories in different ways.
 You can't see them in this picture, but my little princess insisted on wearing her Twinkle Toes sneakers (yes, they are pink and sparkly) with this dress. I love that she has her own sense of style. I hope she continues on with it and ignores what other people say and do as she gets older.

We took a picture together outside of the Theatre Des Arts in The Paris...and after we got home, finished up our activities for Christmas Eve, it was time to take her to her dads house. She was so excited to see him and barely noticed that I left....I am glad she had such a great Christmas with him, too.

On Christmas Eve after the little one was dropped off, Ryan and I had a fantastic dinner together at Lawry's. The carolers were singing at each table and they sang two songs for us - one that they chose and then one of my favorites. The song is so pretty, it always brings tears to my eyes. After dinner, we went down to the strip and walked around Bellagio. The Conservatory was full of people, but we managed to get a picture...too bad his head is cut off! The fountains were set to lovely holiday music as well and we enjoyed a show before returning to open presents. I forgot to take a picture of the 'master pieces' but part of my holiday crafting projects included scrapbooks for each of his children.  I am looking forward to helping him put the pictures on the pre-made pages so that he and the kids can enjoy them together.

Ryan's mom has been ill and is in ICU this holiday season. He and the kids left on Christmas Day to be with her in Arizona. Even though I don't pray as often as I should, I am praying for (and sending good energy to) her and the entire family.

For those of you who read this blog, I hope you will keep them in your prayers, too!

I know it was only 10 years ago next spring when my own mother was in a hospital in SLC for kidney failure and some very special prayers by some very special people and a special blessing from the Elders brought her home. If ever a miracle was in order, I believe this would be it!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

A man named Ryan? Is there a reason you didn't tell me more about him at lunch a couple of weeks ago? :) Many prayers sent out for his mom!

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