Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creating Luggage Tags

I don't know if it's the reason, the season or the weather, but I have fighting a creative itch for the last month or so. The last couple of days have allowed me to do some much needed itching, or crafting if you will, and the result is luggage tags. All of the luggage tags have been hand sewn with sequins, beads (and in one case, buttons) and were custom made for four very special little people.

 This one is for a little one who is a bit of a tomboy and hates the color pink. I stuck with purple, turquoise and silver for this one.
 This one is for a little 'princess' who I think will ove the flowers, butterflies and the little heart.
 This one belongs to Mischa. She felt left out when I was making luggage tags for everyone else, so I let her pick out all of the 'treasures' for hers. She has quite the plethora of goodies on there! Buttons, beads, sequins, charms, etc. She loves it!

 This is for another princess. Im thinking of putting her initials in the open space in the top left of the front.
This is a better view of the one I made for the first princess.

All of the luggage tags have a pocket on the back for a name card of the owner.

I am thinking I should make these and sell them! I had such a good time! And I used only materials I already had around the house. The pink material is left over from a baby quilt I made for Mikaela before she was born, the ribbon from her room when it was still butterflies and the beads and sequins and used from our craft stash. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. I have a couple more to make before Christmas, one for a little boy. I am thinking it might be trains! Wish me luck!

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