Friday, February 11, 2011

Mikaela's 4th Birthday Bash

Mikaela's Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Bash!
She had a blast with all of the family and friends who came to the party on Saturday, February 4. We had a bouncy house in the backyard, a treasure hunt for all of the kiddos, pin the strawberry on the picnic blanket and sliders and hotdogs. This year, it was 'modern family' teamwork - with Ryan allowing us to use the bouncy house, Mike making all of the food and of course, me baking this monstorous cake and making the games for the party. She had friends from daycare and then from our family friends who came - she had a blast! 

Maggie and Gabbie... 

Mischa decided to sit on the front porch and wait for her best friend to arrive, Abby, even though the party was going on inside without her. She really loves Abby and wouldn't do cake or ice cream without her! 
 Here is a pic of Mischa and me - I look like a very tired dork!
with Mimi and Papa - her godparents... 
 Opening her RC Car from Jazmin and the girls...
 playing the hammock with jake, bella, abby and alex
 mischa and abby
hugging - so cute!
this is how the cake started...I used foam posterboard, covered it with checkered paper, and then cut out strawberries and letters to make the decorations. Then, I covered it with plastic wrap....I made a total of three cakes; white, chocolate and yellow cake.

When I finally finished, they sort of looked like strawberries...

And just in case there wasn't enough cake, I made cupcakes, too!

I didn't want to pay $5 for 10 little leaves at the store, so I used regular frosting, shaped it on wax paper and froze it in the freezer and peeled it off, kinda like fondant, only much easier.

Melanie and Belinda came to the party - two of my besties - a huge thank you to both of you for coming to her party every year and for always being there to help with the party chaos!
Alex was princess for the day in this chair!
The kids loved, loved, loved the bouncy house.

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

How fun! It's funny that you thought you looked like a 'tired dork' in that pic of you and Mischa. When I saw the pic I thought "Wow! I LOVE her hair like that! She looks like a flapper girl from the 20's "

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