Friday, August 26, 2011

KAYLA'S TOP 30 before I turn 30 - Celebrate LeaderShape

Today is day #2 in the Top 30 before I turn 30 countdown. Today, I celebrate being a UNLV LeaderShape Alumnus. My last year at UNLV was interesting...I was the epitome of non-traditional student with a full load, two jobs and a husband and baby at home. Despite all of that, I decided to apply for a program called LeaderShape and was accepted, along with about 50 other UNLV Students. LeaderShape is a week long leadership course/camp. To my surprise, and also to one my greatest memories as a UNLV Student, I was accepted.
Our LeaderShape was held in CA in January 2008. The people I met there were truly amazing individuals - I won't spill the beans, but one of these guys in this photo is a DJ on 98.5 KLUC now and a few others in here have moved on to other amazing adventures. Leen, who is in this photo, is a PhD now and doing quite well in Leadership and Business development work out in this great big world. Not in this photo is one of my dear friends, Kee Choi, along with several others who have become great friends.
Anyway, I celebrate LeaderShape mostly because of the amazing people and friends I met during the week and all that I learned about myself. My Life Vision came back to life after I felt like it was lost (marriage and kids and everything that wears you down can do that) and I got back on track with my dreams of helping people and creating a world of abundance - a vision of a world where everyone has enough to shelter to live, enough food to keep them healthy and enough love and joy and of course, enough self confidence to follow their dreams. Thanks to the selection committee for allowing me to go and hang with the younger UNLV crowd and thank you for the amazing opportunity to learn so much about vision, team work and focusing on goals. LeaderShape - you ROCK!

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