Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KAYLA'S TOP 30 before I turn 30 - Celebrate the Birth of Mikaela Isabel

Today is day #7 in my countdown of my Top 30 before I turn 30. I am counting down my top 30 (or more) of my favorite memories of the last 30 years. I'd have to say that I had planned to countdown and leave this one to the end, you know, save the best for last, but I couldn't wait any longer. She has become the keeper of my heart (and sometimes my patience) and I have been ever so blessed by her! So here's a few pictuers of the pregnancy journey and of her on her 1 year birthday. Here's to Mikaela Isabel - I love you little girl!
Wow - that's one good reason this girl didn't like being pregnant - seriously swollen legs!
I gained over 50 pounds with this kid - and she only weighed in at 7 Lbs and 5 oz...
I was back down to my 'fat' jeans from before I got pregnant within a few days; that's just how much water I retained during the pregnancy. Of course, that didn't last long.

Here she is the day after she was born. She was absolutely perfect in every way - all swaddled up in blankies and ready to eat some good food! I don't know how I could have possibly done this whole experience without the support of my girlfriends Belinda Veloz, Melanie Morgan and Penny Robertson, not to mention my mom and sister. I was a terribly angry pregnant woman, so I wasn't very nice to Mike at the ttime, but without Amy Helton going to Lamaze and birthing classes with me, I would have been even more scared to give birth to her!
I did her birth photos on some of my favorite books from my library collection. My hope is that she'll become an avid reader and seeker of knowledge - outside of the internet and gossip world - but on her own. My goal is that she'll become one who asks questions, seeks more than one answer and never stops fighting the good fight.
This is my little punkin on her 1st birthday. She's digging in to the red velvet cake.

Thank you for all of the awesome memories little munchkin!

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