Friday, September 2, 2011

KAYLA'S TOP 30 before I turn 30 - Celebrate Surfing and other crazy fears

Today is actually a two-fer since I missed posting yesterday. So today, in my top 30 before I turn 30 countdown, I celebrate the several opportunities I've had over the last 10 or so years to face my crazy fears.

So let's start with surfing...So I usually like to face a fear on my birthday. One partifular year, I did a two-fer and tried surfing (facing my fear of being caught in an undertow and drowning) and skydiving (I think that's pretty self explanatory) and it turns out that I loved them both. Skydiving was an amazing experience and it's also one of my top 30 memories of my last 30 years. I can't wait until Mikaela turns 18 so I can feel comfortable doing ita gain!

One year, sometime after the surfing and skydiving, courtesty of beautiful Southern California, I had the opporutnity to 'fly' a plane. Now, there was a pilot in the front of the plane, but I got to sit in the back and fly (yes, you could see the grown under your feet because the floor petals were funky) and it was just a little two seater, but it was a great feeling!

Finally, this year, I got over my crazy fear of lake water. Thanks to my sweetie, who bought a boat and pretty much forced me to go out on the lake in (eek!) a bathing suite, I finally got over my fear of lake water and did pretty well this past weekend on the innertube. So today, in my countdown, I celebrete major outdoor adventuers and facing crazy fears! Here's to turning 30 in less 30!

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