Sunday, September 4, 2011


So I am a day behind in posting, but today would be day 9, technically speaking, in my Top 30 before I turn 30 Count Down. Today I celebrate Canada. While the photos in this post are not from my first trip to Canada, they are certainly from my most memorable one. While there are many memories from this trip that will stay with me forever, some of my favorites were the amazing people I met in St. John and my friends from Civitan who were on the trip with me. The people of Canada are warm, generous and very laid back. That is, except for one man who I met who I am convinced was inhabited by the devil himself, but that's another post altogether. I had a blast taking pictures of the beautiful architecture, scenery and the other aspects to St. John. I also had a blast at the Canadian Party, which is a ton of fun at every Civitan Convention. So here's to Canada - and a great time in my count down before I turned 30.

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