Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KAYLA'S TOP 30 before I turn 30 - Celebrating Siblings

Today, I celebrate the people I grew up with - all of the siblings that I had the opportunity to spend time with growing up.  Brant and TJ - my two brothers, Annie - my sister, Chet and Kurtis, my two stepbrothers and September and Stevie - my two step sisters.

Annie and I sure did have some knock down, drag out fights growing up, but we also depended on each other for a lot through the years. Over the years, I've learned a lot from my little sister - mostly related to her compassion, patience and iron will in the face of adversity. She's also a bit of a rebel and I always admired her for that because I can be such a kiljoy with all of my rule following! But I also have to give Kudo's to my two brothers, who will still be young when I am old. They make me laugh and also have hearts of gold - a true testiment to my mother raising them.

There are great memories with all of my step siblings - whether it was making crafts, driving our parents crazy, or building forts and going on major adventures out in the hills. I have several memories of misadventures with my sister and two step brothers.

At one point during some winter together, we decided to turn an truck hood from an old international truck into a sled. We waxed the hood of it and took it across the road to the hill and had a blast. Then we took it up in the mountains and pulled it behind the old ford pick up truck with all of the kids in it. It reached serious speeds when we catapulted off the side of the road and down a hill with all of us in it! It was great until your pants froze to the bottom of it! I am still laughing thinking about it! And we had half a dozen forts that we built in old burned out trees, out of old wooden crates and an old boxcar. Some of my favorite memories growing up are with my siblings - blood related or not. I'm so blessed and so glad to have them in my life! love to the siblings and here's to day 14 in my Top 30 before I turn 30 countdown. spelling and grammar aside!


Annie and Me

Annie's HS Graduation

Brant, Annie, Me, TJ, September and Stevie

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