Thursday, September 15, 2011

KAYLA'S TOP 30 before I turn 30 - Celebrate HOBY 1997

Today, In my top 30 before I turn 30 countdown, I celebrate HOBY! In the summer of 1997, I attended the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference at UNLV. We had small groups that we worked with - mine was pretty dang awesome and then a larger group. It is a favorite for a couple of reasons. First, I was working in Winnemucca for the summer and got to take the long road trip to Vegas for the conference with my grandmother. I think she almost died of a heart attack a few times because I also happened to be learning how to drive and she let me drive her little sportscar - the Acura - and even then I had a lead foot. She wanted me to have a good time. We stayed at the showboat and ate at a fancy restaurant - the first time I had ever seen butter shaped into roses - and of course, got to spend some great time together.
In addition to my adventure with Grandma, I got to stay at the campus. I loved the UNLV campus, dining commons and the dorms. I was so excited to be there that I couldn't sleep. I also met some truly amazing people. I can remember most of the names of the people who were in my small group - Ryan Hess from Mesquite or Virgin Valley HS, Adrianna Evans from Durango HS, Justin Kanoff from Procter Hugg HS in Reno, Leslie Brethauer from Gabbs HS and Cheyenne from Trinity Christian HS. The other kid in the photo I believe was from Round Mountain HS, but I honestly cannot remember his name. Anyway, we did team building activities, went to classes, prepared skits and also had a great time going to the Knights of the Round Table dinner show. Here's to youth leadership, team building and my first time at the UNLV Campus and the only time I stayed in those crazy dorms! Here's to 30 more years of HOBY in our beautiful state of Nevada!

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