Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camping Adventure - Sans Bug Spray

Sunshine? Check.
No wind? Check.
Full tank of gas in the boat? Check.
Camping Gear? Check.
Food? Check.
Star Locator Map? Check.
Bug Spray? Ummm....

Let's just say this past weekend was an absolute blast! Ryan and I took the opportunity to go camping out on the lake. The weather was amazing and the water was perfect. We headed out Saturday afternoon and crossed through the narrows to a lake basin with nearly no one else in it. He found a great island and we decided to set-up camp. It was a great adventure.
 We brought in some firewood and were able to get kindling from the area on the little atoll. The tent was a breeze to get up, and am I ever so grateful that he talked me into brining and air mattress because that island was rocky!
 The boat anchored in nicely and once camp was set, we relaxed! It was quiet except for the sound of jumping fish and the water lapping against the sides of the boat.
 The sunset was absolutely amazing - with pinks and purples painting the sky.

 I pulled out my star locator (thanks to the nice guy at Rebel Books) and we went to work locating stars above us. The next morning, Ryan had the fire going before the sunrise.

 We had previosly decided to bring donuts for breakfast, but somehow ants managed to get on the island overnight and invaded our food supply! It was a good thing there were some left over brats from the night before and we had a tasty breakfast over the fire.
After cleaning up camp, we set out to enjoy the adventures of the lake. It was a fun and relaxing adventure. I am marking 'Camping on an Island in the middle of a lake.' off of my bucket list and will be sure to add BUG SPRAY to my next camping gear list!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

That looks SO relaxing :) I'm glad you had so much fun!

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