Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting Gritty

I can't even believe how much my life has changed since the last blog post!

I've heard that the devil is in the details, and let me tell you friends, the Devil loves the details.  Life's recent, big events have not remained a mystery for most of my friends (and the only 5 people who follow this blog). I've said goodbye to too many loved ones, moved three times, changed jobs, had my heart broken, been abandoned by who I thought would be the one person to see me through...Let's just say that the events that have defined a greater portion of 2013, albeit tragic and annoyingly timed very close together, have blessed me with a whole new perspective.

Thanks to all of the awesome friends and family that I have in my life, I have found a deeper sense of self; a resolve even greater now than it was from the previous 31 years. With the love, compassion and kindness that have flowed from the hearts of the people who have stood by me this past year, I know I can overcome anything this world sends my way. In the times of my greatest grief and loss, when I felt all alone, the Holy Spirit came to comfort me and not just in the sense of a warm, fuzzy feeling, but in the thoughtful acts of strangers and friends. What a beautiful world I live in!

Today, I realize that the waiting place I spoke of in July, was just waiting for me to get through what was ahead and to refocus my energy on the bigger picture. Now, I can sit back and recognize that the details are no big deal. My greater purpose in life is not to mourn the loss of so many loved ones this past year, but to keep moving forward, sharing the light that shines within me, and helping others any way that I can.

I say to the devil and his details, "Bring it on - I've got friends, and together, we'll beat you!"

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