Monday, August 15, 2011

Knocking the Pins Down

Mischa and I went bowling (her first time at real lanes) with Heather and Sara this past weekend. Mischa did exceptionally well with carrying and rolling the ball down the lane. It was so neat to see her get into the game, to cheer on the other ones and to get excited when she did well. I think we'll be doing this again very soon - thank you to Heather for making the suggestion.

 Mischa was being a ham bone!
 My favorite little girl in the whole wide world!
 Mischa loved the pattern on the floor and insisted that I take a picture of it!
We bowled at Sunset Station and bowled two games. We all used the 8 lb, pink bowling balls (is it sad that my 4 year old uses the same bowling ball that I do) and did well. She watched the ball all the way to the end.
The bumpers helped me bowl, too! I think it was the best yet - I broke 100 both times!

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